Make sure you have your hair cut and colored at least two weeks prior to the shoot if that is something you are planning on. This will give your hair time to regain a "natural" look however you decide to style it. 

Teeth Whitening

Whether you go through your dentist, use Crest White Strips, or a do it your self kit from the internet make sure you start this process with plenty of time to go before the big day. Teeth whitening can cause tooth and gum sensitivity and you want our smile to look the best while you FEEL your best. 


Picking out your wardrobe for the day from your existing closet or your favorite store should also happen 1-2 weeks before the shoot to give you time to break in any new shoes or stiff suits, and to make sure the outfit you think is perfect, actually is. 

If you need help picking anything out please check out my pinterest board
or contact me for some guildelines and examples.


Waxing and facials should happen a few days, at least 3, before the shoot to give your body time to recover and prevent any undue redness or swelling for the photos. If you have never had this type of treatment before I suggest trying it out about 5 weeks before your shoot, that way if you have a bad reaction your skin should be back to normal by your shoot, and if all's well you get to have another treatment right before! ;)


If you spray tan that should also happen a few days before so you don't appear overly "bright". If you don't normally spray tan I wouldn't recommend it so close to the event date. You don't want to look like the lady from "There's Something
About Mary" in your photos or have a bad reaction. 


A day or two before the shoot is also a good time to get that Mani/Pedi, hands and feet are inevitably featured in your photos, so you want them to look as nice as the rest of you but not have enough time to possibly get damaged or need a touch up.